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Gift Pouch – In various coloursGift Pouch – In various colours
Extensions Chain
Extensions Chain Sale priceSFr. 13.00
Sunshine & Petite Pink HeartSunshine & Petite Pink Heart
Sunshine & Petite Pink Heart Sale priceSFr. 125.00
Sunshine & Pink RaspberrySunshine & Pink Raspberry
Sunshine & Pink Raspberry Sale priceSFr. 130.00
Pink Tulip for youPink Tulip for you
Pink Tulip for you Sale priceSFr. 199.00
All Pink Tulip for youAll Pink Tulip for you
All Pink Tulip for you Sale priceSFr. 125.00
Red Tulip for youRed Tulip for you
Red Tulip for you Sale priceSFr. 125.00
White Lily & SunshineWhite Lily & Sunshine
White Lily & Sunshine Sale priceSFr. 130.00
Lady Bug and Daisy NecklaceLady Bug and Daisy Necklace
Lady Bug and Daisy Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
When Life Gives You Lemon NecklaceWhen Life Gives You Lemon Necklace
Lemon at Midnight NecklaceLemon at Midnight Necklace
Lemon at Midnight Necklace Sale priceSFr. 125.00
Red Raspberry Necklace
Red Raspberry Necklace Sale priceSFr. 130.00
Tiny Moon & Sparkly SkyTiny Moon & Sparkly Sky
Tiny Moon & Sparkly Sky Sale priceSFr. 129.00
Pretty Little HeartsPretty Little Hearts
Pretty Little Hearts Sale priceSFr. 205.00
Spring MedowSpring Medow
Spring Medow Sale priceSFr. 139.00
Bow Choker - GoldBow Choker - Gold
Bow Choker - Gold Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Bow Choker - SilverBow Choker - Silver
Bow Choker - Silver Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Love & Compassion (Andean Opal & Kunzite)Love & Compassion (Andean Opal & Kunzite)
Bow Choker - BlackBow Choker - Black
Bow Choker - Black Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Bow Choker - GreenBow Choker - Green
Bow Choker - Green Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Bow Choker - RedBow Choker - Red
Bow Choker - Red Sale priceSFr. 99.00
All You Need is Love NecklaceAll You Need is Love Necklace
All You Need is Love Necklace Sale priceFrom SFr. 160.00
Dream & Calmness (Prehnite & Carnelian)Dream & Calmness (Prehnite & Carnelian)
Positive Thoughts (Smoky Quartz)Positive Thoughts (Smoky Quartz)
Sold outCalm & Peace (Amethyst & Mookaite)Calm & Peace (Amethyst & Mookaite)
Balance & Creativity (Jade & Heliotrop)Balance & Creativity (Jade & Heliotrop)
Calm & Confidence Necklace (Lapis & Dalmatian Jaspis)Calm & Confidence Necklace (Lapis & Dalmatian Jaspis)
Orange NecklaceOrange Necklace
Orange Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Tiny Radish NecklaceTiny Radish Necklace
Tiny Radish Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Pear at Midnight NecklacePear at Midnight Necklace
Pear at Midnight Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Mushroom NecklaceMushroom Necklace
Mushroom Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Hot Chilli NecklaceHot Chilli Necklace
Hot Chilli Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Carrot NecklaceCarrot Necklace
Carrot Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Lemon & Lime NecklaceLemon & Lime Necklace
Lemon & Lime Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Petite Strawberry NecklacePetite Strawberry Necklace
Petite Strawberry Necklace Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Raspberry and BlushRaspberry and Blush
Raspberry and Blush Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Raspberry & CoralsRaspberry & Corals
Raspberry & Corals Sale priceSFr. 120.00
Azur Fish NecklaceAzur Fish Necklace
Azur Fish Necklace Sale priceSFr. 89.00
Blue MountainsBlue Mountains
Blue Mountains Sale priceSFr. 129.00
Follow Your Heart PearlFollow Your Heart Pearl
Follow Your Heart Pearl Sale priceSFr. 129.00
Bow Choker - PearlsBow Choker - Pearls
Bow Choker - Pearls Sale priceFrom SFr. 160.00
Bow Choker - IvoryBow Choker - Ivory
Bow Choker - Ivory Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Bow Choker - PinkBow Choker - Pink
Bow Choker - Pink Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Bow Choker - Sky BlueBow Choker - Sky Blue
Bow Choker - Sky Blue Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Bow Choker - Blush PinkBow Choker - Blush Pink
Bow Choker - Blush Pink Sale priceSFr. 99.00
Embrace The Universe ChokerEmbrace The Universe Choker
Embrace The Universe Choker Sale priceSFr. 119.00
Cosmic NecklaceCosmic Necklace
Cosmic Necklace Sale priceSFr. 119.00
Keep Smiling Pearl NecklaceKeep Smiling Pearl Necklace
Keep Smiling Pearl Necklace Sale priceSFr. 99.00