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Gift Pouch – In various coloursGift Pouch – In various colours
Extensions Chain
Extensions Chain Sale price$14.48
PRE-ORDER – When Life Gives You Lemons NecklacePRE-ORDER – When Life Gives You Lemons Necklace
PRE - ORDER - Lemon at Midnight NecklacePRE - ORDER - Lemon at Midnight Necklace
PRE-ORDER – Lemon & Lime NecklacePRE-ORDER – Lemon & Lime Necklace
Evening Light ChokerEvening Light Choker
Evening Light Choker Sale price$178.25
Sky Above the CloudsSky Above the Clouds
Sky Above the Clouds Sale price$150.40
Blue MountainsBlue Mountains
Blue Mountains Sale price$143.72
A Rose is still a Rose ChokerA Rose is still a Rose Choker
Follow Your Heart PearlFollow Your Heart Pearl
Follow Your Heart Pearl Sale price$132.58
Bow Choker - PearlsBow Choker - Pearls
Bow Choker - Pearls Sale priceFrom $172.68
Bow Choker - IvoryBow Choker - Ivory
Bow Choker - Ivory Sale price$110.29
Bow Choker - PinkBow Choker - Pink
Bow Choker - Pink Sale price$110.29
Bow Choker - Sky BlueBow Choker - Sky Blue
Bow Choker - Sky Blue Sale price$110.29
Bow Choker - Blush PinkBow Choker - Blush Pink
Bow Choker - Blush Pink Sale price$110.29
Embrace The Universe ChokerEmbrace The Universe Choker
Embrace The Universe Choker Sale price$132.58
Rose Quartz DolphinRose Quartz Dolphin
Rose Quartz Dolphin Sale price$110.29
Cosmic NecklaceCosmic Necklace
Cosmic Necklace Sale price$132.58
Keep Smiling Pearl NecklaceKeep Smiling Pearl Necklace
Keep Smiling Pearl Necklace Sale price$110.29
Rainbow MixRainbow Mix
Rainbow Mix Sale price$110.29
Rainbow & Clouds NecklaceRainbow & Clouds Necklace
Rainbow & Clouds Necklace Sale price$105.84
Mini Fruits NecklaceMini Fruits Necklace
Mini Fruits Necklace Sale price$99.15
Scoop of Ice Cream - Pink
Scoop of Ice Cream - Pink Sale price$143.72
Lilac – Scoops of Ice Cream NecklaceLilac – Scoops of Ice Cream Necklace
All White - Scoop of Ice Cream NecklaceAll White - Scoop of Ice Cream Necklace
Very Berry – Scoop of Ice Cream NecklaceVery Berry – Scoop of Ice Cream Necklace
Scoops of Ice Cream NecklaceScoops of Ice Cream Necklace
Grapefruit & Sunset ChokerGrapefruit & Sunset Choker
Grapefruit & Sunset Choker Sale price$110.29
A Hint of Spring NecklaceA Hint of Spring Necklace
A Hint of Spring Necklace Sale price$132.58
Take Me To The MoonTake Me To The Moon
Take Me To The Moon Sale price$143.72
Daydream NecklaceDaydream Necklace
Daydream Necklace Sale price$143.72
Tiny Mushrooms Choker - LilacTiny Mushrooms Choker - Lilac
Tiny Mushrooms Choker - RoséTiny Mushrooms Choker - Rosé
Orange Fishy NecklaceOrange Fishy Necklace
Orange Fishy Necklace Sale price$100.27
Blush & Bubblegum NecklaceBlush & Bubblegum Necklace
Blush & Bubblegum Necklace Sale price$100.27
Ocean Bubbles NecklaceOcean Bubbles Necklace
Ocean Bubbles Necklace Sale price$183.82