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PRE-ORDER – When Life Gives You Lemons NecklacePRE-ORDER – When Life Gives You Lemons Necklace
PRE-ORDER – Lemon & Lime NecklacePRE-ORDER – Lemon & Lime Necklace
PRE - ORDER - Lemon at Midnight NecklacePRE - ORDER - Lemon at Midnight Necklace
Sold outRaspberry & Sparkle BraceletRaspberry & Sparkle Bracelet
Sold outPetite Strawberry BraceletPetite Strawberry Bracelet
Evening Light ChokerEvening Light Choker
Evening Light Choker Sale price$178.25
Sky Above the CloudsSky Above the Clouds
Sky Above the Clouds Sale price$150.40
Blue MountainsBlue Mountains
Blue Mountains Sale price$143.72
A Rose is still a Rose ChokerA Rose is still a Rose Choker
A Rose is still a Rose earringsA Rose is still a Rose earrings
A Rose is still a Rose earrings Sale priceFrom $27.85
Bow Earring - IvoryBow Earring - Ivory
Bow Earring - Ivory Sale priceFrom $33.42
Bow Earring - Sky BlueBow Earring - Sky Blue
Bow Earring - Sky Blue Sale priceFrom $33.42
Bow Earrings - PinkBow Earrings - Pink
Bow Earrings - Pink Sale priceFrom $33.42
Bow Choker - PearlsBow Choker - Pearls
Bow Choker - Pearls Sale priceFrom $172.68
Misc Marbles - Rose, BlueMisc Marbles - Rose, Blue
Misc Marbles - Rose, Blue Sale price$50.13
Scoops of Ice Cream, lilac – BraceletScoops of Ice Cream, lilac – Bracelet
Lilac – Scoops of Ice Cream NecklaceLilac – Scoops of Ice Cream Necklace
From Blue to Lilac - Round & SquareFrom Blue to Lilac - Round & Square
From Lilac to Blush - SlimFrom Lilac to Blush - Slim
From Blue to Lilac - SlimFrom Blue to Lilac - Slim
From Blue to Lilac - Slim Sale price$26.74
From Blue to Lilac - Round & RoundFrom Blue to Lilac - Round & Round
Bow Choker - IvoryBow Choker - Ivory
Bow Choker - Ivory Sale price$110.29
Bow Choker - PinkBow Choker - Pink
Bow Choker - Pink Sale price$110.29
Bow Choker - Sky BlueBow Choker - Sky Blue
Bow Choker - Sky Blue Sale price$110.29
Bow Choker - Blush PinkBow Choker - Blush Pink
Bow Choker - Blush Pink Sale price$110.29
Oversized Hair Bow - Mustard Pink CheckOversized Hair Bow - Mustard Pink Check
Oversized Hair Bow - Pale Pink Orange CheckOversized Hair Bow - Pale Pink Orange Check
Oversized Hair Bow - Marigold Cream CheckOversized Hair Bow - Marigold Cream Check
Oversized Hair Bow - Sky BlueOversized Hair Bow - Sky Blue
Velvet Hair Bow - Royal BlueVelvet Hair Bow - Royal Blue
Velvet Hair Bow - PeachVelvet Hair Bow - Peach
Velvet Hair Bow - Peach Sale price$31.19
Velvet Hair Bow - Poppy RedVelvet Hair Bow - Poppy Red
Velvet Hair Bow - LilacVelvet Hair Bow - Lilac
Velvet Hair Bow - Lilac Sale price$31.19
Velvet Hair Bow - Ocean BlueVelvet Hair Bow - Ocean Blue
Velvet Hair Bow - Blush PinkVelvet Hair Bow - Blush Pink
A Hint of Spring NecklaceA Hint of Spring Necklace
A Hint of Spring Necklace Sale price$132.58
A Hint Of SpringA Hint Of Spring
A Hint Of Spring Sale price$50.13